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Heli skiing in Kyrgyzstan
Heli skiing in Kyrgyzstan

Climb Lenin Peak Expedition (7.134 m) Guaranteed departure date expedition with an experienced mountaineering guide
Climb Lenin Peak

Khan-Tengri Peak Expedition (7.010 m)
Guaranteed departure date expedition with an experienced mountaineering guide.
Khan-Tengri Peak Expedition (7010 m)

Pobeda Peak Expedition (7.439 m)
Pobeda Peak Expedition (7.439 m)

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K-2 (8611-M)
Nanga Parbat (8126)
Spantik (7027)
Broad Peak (8047)
Gasherbrum-II (8035)
Muztagh-Ata Peak (7546) Expedition from Islamabad
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Uzbekistan Mountain Horseback-Riding

Popular horseback routes in Uzbekistan Mountains near to Tashkent

Uzbekistan Mountain Horseback-Riding  Uzbekistan Mountain Horseback-Riding

Uzbekistan Mountains near to Tashkent

Chimgan Mountains

The Chimgan Mountains are invariably attractive for mountaineers. The wide variety of Chimgan and its surroundings allows the activity in all kinds of mountaineering and landscape tourism. Mountains† (Small and Greater Chimgan Peaks - 3,309 m) of Chatkal range, plateaus, the Black Waterfall (40 m) at the lower part of Greater Chimgan Peak, Gulkam and Novotasha waterfalls, attract a lot of tourists from Uzbekistan and abroad.

Ugam & Karjantau ridges

Another attractive place for mountaineering is situated on Ugam ridge and on the southern; slopes of the Karjantau ridge of the Western Tyan-Shan system.


There are following natural sites, which are of interest of mountaineers in area of Ugam & Karjantau ridges:

Х Peak Mingbulak (2,628 m)† - the highest peak of the Karjantau ridge.

Х Qizilsuv waterfalls - the pictorial cascades that flow at the sinuous river gorges of Qizilsuv Mountain River.

Х Loquacious cave is located on plateau Ghiza, 20 km from village Humsan, in a funnel-shaped hollow. On the bottom of the hollow, in the exposure of grey limestone, there is a 1x1 m rectangular aperture transforming to a 1.5 m high sloping tunnel. Its floor is covered with lumps, ceiling being arcaded. This tunnel is 20 m long and leads to the inner larger part of the cave. A ladder is needed in order to proceed into the cave as there is a 6 m high prominence. Then the floor levels out, height reaching 20-30 m. The cave is so named due to a streamlet flowing through it.

Х Arkutsay Ц exposure of loess stratum. The site is 3 km west of Humsan, on the right bank of the Ugam River. Section of the formation represents the wall of a small landslide breakaway and is a stratum of interstratifying loess-like loams of Quaternary and fossil soils horizons. The section is unique as it exposes more than 80 m thick deposition of rocks.

Х Kyrk-Kokyl waterfall (in Uzbek УKyrk-KokylФ means 40 plaits) Ц pictorial waterfall at Pustonlyk Ц confluent of Ugam River, 9 km from Humsan village.

Popular horseback routes in Uzbekistan Mountains near to Tashkent

Х One day riding along Pustonlyksay to the pass on plateau Ghiza (15 km, radial);

Х A several days riding along the Ugam ridge and down to the Nauvalisay river canyon and on to Sidjak (Pskem river valley, Charvak water reservoir);

Х A several days riding along the Ugam river to village Kiziltal (Kazakhstan).

Х One day riding to the head water of the Arkutsay Mountain River. View to the valley of the Chirchik River.


Route 1: Horseback riding in Chimgan Mountains.

Day 1 Arrival from Tashkent in Chimgan village where mainly ethnic Kazakhs live (90 km). Accommodation is at the national house or in cottages. Walking excursion to the Black Waterfall at the foothill of Great Chimgan.

Day 2 Breakfast. Start at 7 h with horse riding. Up the mountain range which divides rivers of Chimgan and Ishakupriksai, with majestic panorama of mountains, valleys and villages of West Tien Shan. Rest near Kyzyl-Jar (Red Steep) mountain at local shepherds place. Familiarization with rural life, aromatic tea; watch how kurt (dry cottage cheese) and kumis, national drink from mares milk are prepared. After lunch, around Red Steep and down to the foothills of Great Chimgan Peak and return to Tashkent.


Route 5: Karjantau ridge.

Day 1 Transfer from Tashkent to Humsan village and situated in the picturesque valley of the Ugam river at the junction of the Ugam ridge with the Karjantau ridge, the west Tien-Shan (90 km. 2 hrs). Accommodation at houses of local people. Dinner.

Day 2 After early breakfast, horseback riding along the gorge of the Pustonlyk river to the place named Pustonlyk-bouva (7 km. 1,5 hrs). Walking to the Kurk-Kokyl waterfall (in Uzbek СKyrk-KokulТ means 40 plaits). Return to horses. Horseback riding to Humsan village. Lunch. Rest along the Ugam river. Dinner.

Day 3 Transfer to mountain village Dalya ath the foot of the Karjantau ridge, the West Tien-Shan. Horseback riding along the left-bank slope of the Kansay river to Kourgantash. Pass (3 hrs.). Stop for lunch in the summer dwelling of herdsman near source of the Kansay river. Walking on the slopes and going out to panorama points. Wonderful view to the Ugam, Pskem, Chatkal ridges of the West Tien-Shan, Charvak and Khodjikent water reservoir. After lunch descending along the flat right-bank range of Kansay river to Dalya village (2 hrs.). Stop at house of local man. After short rest with tea-drinking, meet with car. Evening transfer to Tashkent (90 km; 1 hr 30 min).

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